DIP MIX: Onion + Garlic

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If you love our DOUBLE ONION + ROASTED GARLIC FLAKE SEA SALT, you'll love our handcrafted Onion + Garlic Dip Mix. It's a perfect compliment to veggies, chips, as a sandwich spread, dolloped on a baked potato, on tacos or at breakfast on omelets or hash browns.

Its a little oniony, a little garlicky and a little ranchy - made with minced yellow onion, minced green onion, Norwegian sea salt, granulated onion, granulated garlic, dill weed, ground mustard, black pepper + celery powder.

DIRECTIONS: In a bowl, add packet of Dip Mix to 8 oz Sour Cream and 8 oz of Mayonaise. Mix and refrigerate for at least 2 hours. Over night is preferred.

Try adding our blend to plain yogurt, Greek yogurt, or Crème fraîche. 

Use it to make a compound butter by mixing it into unsalted butter, or add to softened cream cheese to make your own premium onion + garlic spread.

To spice it up, add some of your favorite hot sauce. We recommend our 30° NORTH HOT SAUCE made by Gindo's Spice of Life.

KEEP IT VEGAN: Add mix to a vegan imitation sour cream.