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Your go-to supplier of the finest flake sea salt on the planet, hand harvested by the team at Havsno/North Sea Salt Works in Norway. 

Getting Started

Not all Salts + Seasonings are the same, that's why choosing a salt and seasonings wholesaler is a decision that requires a lot of planning and your most precious resource - time.  I’m Amy, aka: The Salt Lady, and I am here to help you skip the fuss and get right down to business! 

Our dedicated team, aka: The Salty Crew, strives for excellence + authenticity with each and every order, ensuring your experience is nothing but top-notch and high quality.

All of our sea salts + seasoning blends are gluten-free, vegan and paleo friendly - making them a standout to your customers. We never use artificial colors, flavors, fillers or anti-caking agents - just real authentic ingredients in every batch. Pretty great, huh?  Can those “other guys” say that? 

In our more than 5 years in business, we have had experience with wholesale + bulk customers from every imaginable corner of the food world. You name it, we’ve done (or at least tried) it!  Outside of finding Salty Provisions at Markets + Events, my team has worked with gourmet chefs, butchers, independent spice and tea shops, coffee roasters, hot sauce companies, gourmet food markets, boutiques, museums, food trucks, chocolatiers, bakeries, caterers, olive oil shops, breweries, and distilleries of all sizes coast-to-coast. We’ve even had some killer collaborations come from it!


Our retail prices are listed on our site, including a volume discount for a 6 pack/case of shakers of some of our most popular flavors. If you are interested in a 6 pack of a flavor that doesn’t have a case option listed, please send us an email. If we have it in stock, we are happy to put one together for you. We also offer single and double refill pouches for most of our flavors.


If you’re ready to easily try our product out in your own store, we have a RETAIL STARTER KIT available. It includes a branded display and your choice of flavors in retail sized shakers. If you are interested in corporate gifting options, this is for you too. Minimums apply.

To become a member of the Salty Provisions Wholesale Retail Program, please email your request for our wholesale order form to:


Salty Provisions Food Service Program is for clients in the culinary industry who meet the threshold of needing a larger quantity of a single blend. Reach out to us and let’s discuss your options. If you don’t quite meet this threshold, single items can be purchased day or night on our retail site.


Salty Provisions loves a good collaboration! Do you have a product that might blend well with salt? Let’s chat. We’ve made blends from hot sauce, tea leaves, coffee beans and liquor botanicals. Maybe we can make a delicious blend for you too!

Our Unmatched Quality

As founder of Salty Provisions, I take great pride in being called “The Salt Lady” by hundreds, if not thousands of fans, since 2018.  Every recipe starts and ends with my promise to uphold the unmatched quality of our main ingredient, hand harvested Norwegian Flake Sea Salt. Building on that, we’ve created some award winning flavor profiles (and many that should be, we just haven’t entered them in any competitions yet.) We don’t cut corners, so as a retailer, you will never have to compromise quality or taste for your customers. 

Whether you’re going to sell our retail-ready wholesale products to your customers, or up your culinary game, you’ll be confident in knowing that all of our blends are made by hand, by us, in-house. That’s right! Here in Rolling Meadows, Illinois my team and I blend small batches of our salts and seasonings, ensuring that you get the freshest product we have to offer.

Wholesale FAQs

What is the Salty Provisions Wholesale Program?

  • Our Wholesale program is made up of two parts:
    FOR RETAIL: Retail ready packaging, for clients who operate retail outlets, such as boutique and specialty gift shops, museums, butcher shops, gourmet food stores, wine shops, corporate gifting programs, etc.
    FOR FOOD SERVICE + CULINARY PROFESSIONALS: For clients who need larger quantities of our offerings for in-house use like restaurants, bars, catering professionals, competition chefs, etc.

What if I want to order a flavor that isn’t listed on the Wholesale Order Form?

  • Our full product line is available to our wholesale customers, as long as we have inventory in stock. The flavors listed on the order form are always in stock.

What is the minimum order quantity?

  • To purchase wholesale priced retail-ready products, you are required to have a State Resellers Tax ID number, and a $250 minimum order. If you order less than $250, the Wholesale discount will not be applied.

What are your payment terms?

  • All orders are required to pay in full before items will ship.

What if I cannot meet the minimum order quantity right now?

  • Don’t fret! Everyone has to start somewhere - we certainly did! In some cases, you will be able to find smaller quantities on our website. If you cannot meet the minimum order quantity to get wholesale pricing, we can still make and ship the product for you, but the cost would be a bit higher depending on the item and your needs. Let us know how we can assist - our team is here to help! 

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