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Discover Flavorful Versatility with "ALMOST" EVERYTHING BAGEL Sea Salt Blend

Why “almost”? Well...Mr. Salty isn’t a fan of caraway or poppy seed, both commonly found on Everything Bagels, so we left them out of our blends! Turns out, he’s not alone and many of our fans love the omission too! Plus, it comes in as a LOW SODIUM option at 3% per serving (less than 10% is considered low sodium). The larger flakes in the sea salt give each bite a pop of saltiness without crossing the line.

A Blend Born from Passion

"ALMOST" EVERYTHING BAGEL Sea Salt blend emerged from a fascinating journey of creative inspiration. Although the blend's classic components are commonly found, our commitment to crafting distinctive flavors compelled us to infuse our unique touch. Initially hesitant due to its widespread availability, we couldn't ignore the enthusiastic requests from our dedicated fans. Determined to offer something special, we set out to reimagine the familiar and craft a blend that would stand out on its own merits.

A Symphony of Flavors

The heart of "ALMOST" EVERYTHING BAGEL Sea Salt blend lies in its carefully curated flavor profile. Imagine the warm nuttiness of sesame seeds taking center stage, complemented by the aromatic and savory notes of dried minced onion and garlic. This harmonious interplay of flavors is crowned with a pop of saltiness that transforms each bite into a culinary masterpiece. "ALMOST" EVERYTHING BAGEL Sea Salt blend bridges the gap between the familiar and the exceptional, offering a taste experience that's both comforting and exciting.

A Household Favorite

"ALMOST" EVERYTHING BAGEL Sea Salt blend has captured the affection of our founder Amy's family, with her mother embracing it as a beloved staple. This blend's versatility is showcased as it graces the table multiple times a week, infusing dishes with its unique character. The blend's exceptional ability to form a delightful crust while imparting unparalleled flavor makes it a go-to choice for enhancing meats like chicken and pork. Its transformative effect on vegetables during sautéing is due to the addition of sesame seeds, which adds an extra layer of depth to every dish.

Elevating Everyday Delights

Picture the delicious simplicity of an egg sandwich elevated by the blend's nuttiness and balanced saltiness. Stirfrys, noodle dishes, and egg drop soups come alive with an irresistible finishing touch that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. For enthusiasts of the ever-popular avocado toast, this blend brings a creative twist, enhancing the creamy avocado with its unique combination of flavors.

A Blend of Balance

One of the most remarkable aspects of "ALMOST" EVERYTHING BAGEL Sea Salt blend is its harmonious balance. Designed with less salt compared to conventional blends, it stands as the ideal ingredient for those seeking depth of flavor without overwhelming saltiness. From hearty cowboy casseroles to comforting scalloped potatoes, this blend enhances the overall taste profile while maintaining a balanced sodium content. Additionally, its visually striking contrast adds an aesthetic appeal to your culinary creations.

Breaking Down the Facts 

  • SHAKER BOTTLE (plastic): Net Weight 1.9 oz (54g). Contains approximately 1/3 cup by volume.
  • REFILL (compostable pouch): Contains approximately 1/2 cup by volume.

Paleo & Vegan friendly.
Handcrafted and roasted in small batches.
Salt harvested in Norway. Infused and packaged in the USA.

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No fillers, anti-caking agents, preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors. Made with gluten-free ingredients. No dairy. Nightshade free.