NORWEGIAN SEA SALT: How does it compare to the other major brands?


When we tasted Norwegian Sea Salt for the first time, we thought we knew everything we needed to know about it. The taste alone was enough to recognize it's quality...or so I thought.

As sea salts in general are gaining popularity, we thought we'd do a deeper dive into the major brands to see how crisp, clean Norwegian Sea Salt compares. You may be surprised by what we found...I know I was!

When comparing the numbers, they each have their unique combinations of trace minerals that far exceed this list. With our interest in looking at Norwegian Sea Salt as an electrolyte, we gathered these numbers for each brand.


Beyond these four, not all element data was accounted for on the specs sheet for each brand so it would not have been a fair comparison to include percentages for some and not others. All these brands offered data for these elements.

Our #1 takeaway from seeing the numbers side by side: NORWEGIAN SEA SALT has the same amount of MAGNESIUM and POTASSIUM as the gray and pink salts COMBINED

Don't take our word for it, taste the difference for yourself!

Norwegian Flaky Sea Salt - Shaker, Pouch and Pound

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This data about was gathered from each product's respective websites.