Fan Favorites

Welcome to a collection of tips on how our fans use Salty Provisions in their own kitchens!


”Here they are. And they don’t suck. Here is the recipe I used and then I just added the COFFEE SALT to it. :)” Here’s the recipe for Avocado Chocolate Truffles.

A FAN FAVORITE from Melina S:

Steamed cauliflower, cheese sauce, sour cream and fresh chives from her garden. Seasoned with our SALT+PEPPER. 

A FAN FAVORITE from Tynan W: A high school senior named Tynan has taken up learning to cook during the quarantine. This is his omelet with DOUBLE ONION + ROASTED GARLIC SEA SALT. So happy we’re inspiring the young to get into kitchen. ❤️ 
A FAN FAVORITE from Jacky S.
“Normally I’m a lemon and dill on salmon kind of girl, but decided to switch it up today and throw some double onion and roasted garlic and it was 👍👍. Forgot to take a pic out of the oven because we scarfed it down, but saved the rest for lunch tomorrow!!”

A FAN FAVORITE from Sharon L.
“Here is a healthy use for your delicious flake sea salt.” Add a sprinkle to any of your favorite veggies before roasting. Adds the perfect amount of salty crunch and flavor.

A FAN FAVORITE from Bill & Ronda S.
“I seasoned the steaks with the Norwegian Flake Sea Salt and the Double Onion & Garlic as well as the Seasoned Pepper and Texas Salt Lick Dry Rub.” Our infused sea salts and seasoning blends are great when used alone, or in harmony with your regular seasoning routine. Full disclosure, this lovely culinary tip comes from my parents!

"Did not want to fuss much about dinner so made mac with cheese sauce but topped it with Low Sodium Salty Provisions Double Onion + Roasted about taste!

She loves our Double Onion & Roasted Garlic Sea Salt, but doesn't always need to add a bunch of salt to her meal. Her Mac & Cheese already comes salted, so to boost up the flavor, she added a sprinkle of our LOW SODIUM DOUBLE ONION & ROASTED GARLIC SEA SALT (80% less salt than our regular blend).

A FAN FAVORITE from Kathy T.
"Always a favorite. Popcorn seasoned with Hot Salt and Zesty Pickle!"

A FAN FAVORITE from us, Amy & Linn, Owners of Salty Provisions by Wanderlust Sea Salt LLC
My husband and I are definitely our biggest fans! These are thin bone-in pork chops seared in a cast iron skilled sprinkled with our COFFEE SALT. Soooo delicious!

A FAN FAVORITE from Christina O.
“One of my favorite uses of your salt so far, was I cooked up a steak stove top style with butter, olive oil, mushrooms, garlic, and your Roasted Garlic Flake Sea Salt. Yum!! 😊🌞”