Wholesale Products by Salty Provisions

Thank you for your interest in our Salts and Seasonings! We begin every recipe with the finest flake sea salt on the planet, hand harvested by the ladies at North Sea Salt Works in Norway. 

All our blends are gluten free, vegan and paleo friendly. We never use artificial colors, flavors, fillers or anti-caking agents - just real ingredients in every batch.

Please create an account above. Follow up by sending us an an email including your company's details and your website. Once we activate your account, you will see the wholesale pricing. 


We have several flavors on our main website, but currently, the flavors listed at this link are the only ones officially available for wholesale. If you are interested in a flavor that isn’t listed, let us know. If we have it in inventory, we'd be happy to add it to your order before shipping.

Stay Salty,

AmyB + Crew
email: info@wanderlustseasalt.com