NORWEGIAN FLAKY SEA SALT - HAVSNØ Finishing Flake Salt from North Sea Salt Works

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Norwegian Flake Sea Salt

Fresh, crisp Flaky Sea Salt hand-harvested from the Norwegian Sea. 

Available in 3 flake sizes: 

Fine Flake Sea Salt (6.2oz/175g) - flake size suitable for a shaker for the table
Coarse Flake Sea Salt (6.2oz/175g) - flake size in between table and finishing salt

Flaky Sea Salt (6.2oz/175g) - great finishing salt

Perfect for everything you can season with salt, from beef, chicken, pork, fish & seafood. Sprinkle on fresh baked bread, fresh sliced avocados or guacamole, eggs, grilled or roasted veggies or potatoes, or to rim a cocktail. 

SHAKER BOTTLE (plastic): Net Weight 2.19 oz (62g)
POUCH (zipper top): Net Weight 6.17 oz (175g)
TUB (threaded top): Net Weight 6.17 oz (175g)

NORWEGIAN FLAKY SEA SALT is hand harvested in Norway by HAVSNØ North Sea Salt Works. Repackaged with permission.